Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blogger Brooke logging out part II

Signing out for the second year in a row:( Until next year blogging amigos


This semester I learned so much about photography. At the start of the semester along with during photo1 I really rushed my work and did not take time to make sure that I really loved the work I was making. This year I found my love for photography and making images that I genuinely liked. I took time on my projects and worked harder to find the perfect angle or shot. I discovered that I really like photographing people and nature. Although I don't mind other subjects I definitely would choose those over anything else.
My love for photo can be seen in the difference of my photos between this year and last year. For example, my portraits I took last year of my sister and then this year of her are more artistic and aesthetically pleasing. I enjoyed posing her, and getting the right angle, background and shutter speed shown through the final image, compared to a cell phone portrait with bad lighting and a living room background.
One project I did not like the final images of was my still life. For me, the light box images weren't exciting and looked "plain". I also hastily grabbed items from my surroundings and didn't think through what the final product would be. If I were to redo the project I would incorporate my love of nature so that even though the background would b plain, there would be an interesting subject matter in the center.
Throughout the semester I enjoyed having friends in the case that helped me brain storm ideas for projects or subjects, but I also tried to make my work original and my own. Some pictures are similar, but me and Avery both used our different photography styles to separate our work and keep it original. Personally, my photographic style is off centered subjects with light and shadows being used to define the photo. I like to keep my pictures off centered enough to make it not look like a set up photo, but also centered enough so you know what the picture is supposed to be of and what the goal of it is.
Something I think I could improve on is aperture settings and working on foreground and background distinction. I am not entirely sure how to work the aperture settings on cameras so I can never get the result I was hoping for. Next year in photo independent study a goal I have is to be able to photograph nature and people with correct aperture, and shutter speed with manual settings instead of the auto settings. I think it would be really cool to be able to set, and understand the settings.